Commercial Garden Design in London

Great landscapes start with great design. Brick & Block Interlock And Landscape’s landscape designers will turn your London commercial property or garden into an extraordinary outdoor paradise. We provide professionally-drafted garden design services that allow your clients to experience the joy of being surrounded by flowers, ponds and delightful arbors on your property.

Our commercial landscape professionals design outdoor gardens for condominium projects, patios, parks and other commercial or industrial buildings. Enhance your curb appeal with our extensive garden planning services and custom landscaping!

Brick & Block Interlock And Landscape’s Landscape Design Process

For our commercial landscaping clients, the design starts with an on-site meeting to assess your property’s needs and discuss your ideas. Once you tell us about your dream landscape, we draw up a plan that includes property lines, your building’s dimensions, parking spaces, walkways and other details that are specific to your property.

We create extensive planting plans that provide you with schedules for year-round plants, as well as suggestions to suit your budget and keep your property environmentally friendly. Whether you need landscape plans for a building permit, property development or re-zoning in London, we’ve got you covered.

Large-Scale Garden Designs for Any Space

Planning a local herb garden in a large space can be a daunting task. Think of how your garden will be used and how it will evolve with time.

Will it be a place of refuge, with quiet corners and nooks under vast trees? Do you picture your garden as an open setting for your visitors, with wide paths and room for signs? Or maybe you grow herbs for your own apothecary, kitchen or holistic business.

Our landscape designers can create a garden that will enhance the value of your business or property. By combining our horticultural knowledge with your unique vision, we can bring your commercial garden to life.

Diverse Garden Architecture for Your Property

Our goal as garden planners at Brick & Block Interlock And Landscape is to appreciate the value of diverse styles. Your commercial garden is a palette to represent your property’s space and needs.

Our garden plans can incorporate any element you have in mind, whether you want to mix trends or keep your space uniform. Ask us about our traditional, Zen, or contemporary garden planning services, as well as many more!

Local Landscapers for Horticultural Maintenance and Repair

The most important step in creating a healthy garden or patio is successful seasonal maintenance. Not only do our landscape contractors beautify rooftop, planters, courtyards and more, they provide a full range of seasonal maintenance to make sure your property is prepared for those tough winters.

Our seasonal garden maintenance services include:

  • Lawn Turfing and Restoration
  • Soil Repurposing
  • Mulching to Prevent Weeds
  • Debris Removal
  • Reseeding

Call Our Garden Planners for Landscape Upgrades in London

Enrich your commercial property with the power of plants. Our professional garden architects can transform your space into a garden that makes a statement.

Whether your goal is to bring a natural element to your property or create a unique on-site experience for your clients, Brick & Block Interlock And Landscape blends expert plant artistry with science. If you’re looking for a local landscaping company with top-to-bottom commercial services, call us today.